Do you need a Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding

July 21, 2015


Should I or shouldn’t I?  One of the most common questions couples who choose to celebrate an outdoor wedding ask us is  “do I need to rent a tent?”  We wholeheartedly answer yes!  Here are a few of the reasons.


Family is Important
While some of the strong and healthy members of your wedding party may love to bask in the sunshine, young kids and older relatives need a spot of shade to enjoy their time outdoors.  Having a tented cocktail hour means you get the best of both worlds.  Enjoy the freedom, beauty and fresh air of the outdoors, but share the experience with friends and family that need a bit of shelter.


Farm Fresh Foods
We’ve heard that a twinkie will last 300 years, but farm fresh foods and local cheeses can melt, wilt or even turn if they are left too long in the hot sun.  A tented cocktail hour will keep the gorgeous food displays looking their best so you and your guests can relax and enjoy them.  If it’s a sunny day you can always step out from under the tent to soak in the rays and enjoy the view unencumbered, but your artisanal cheese platters or your raw bar can stay cool.

Event Flow
Most couples getting married at Riverside Farm choose our Red barn for their rehearsal dinner, lawn games and s’mores campfire.  They choose the Wedding Tree or Stone Cellar for their ceremony.  A tented cocktail hour on the lawn in front of the Stone Well barn provides a perfect transition point for guests to pause, reflect, and visit with friends before entering the more formal reception dinner in our Stone Well Barn.


photo by Barrie Fisher Photographers

The “R” Word
When you choose to celebrate your wedding surrounded by the beauty of nature, every now and then that beauty includes rain.  While we have dozens of white umbrellas on hand to move guests comfortably from place to place and several indoor spaces to serve as back up ceremony sites, it’s comforting to know your cocktail reception will go on as planned no matter what nature brings.  It’s a fact of life, sometimes it rains, but with a tent your party will continue uninterrupted rain or shine.
We Care
Providing an excellent wedding experience for all of our couples is our passion.  We truly believe a tent for your wedding reception will improve the experience for couples and their guests.  In fact, we think a tent is so important starting in 2016 it will be included in all our new wedding packages.

Would you like more information on a wedding at Riverside Farm or Amee Farm Lodge?  Please get in touch.