Elisabeth & Zach – Summer Wedding

October 31, 2009

Over the years we have met so many beautiful couples here at Riverside. We enjoy the planning process (all the meetings with fabulous vendors) and love getting to know these great people. Being present for their wedding days – and helping them realize their dream is such a honor and such an incredible experience. It’s hard not to get attached 🙂 Even years later, we remember them fondly and always love hearing their updates – new jobs, new babies, trip up North and all the wonderful plans they are making. Here is a lovely couple- Elisabeth and Zach (from 2008) who we fell in love with… and check out Black Pearl Press (gorgeous letterpress shop that Elisabeth owns). These Middlebury grads hold a special place in our hearts.

Here’s what Elisabeth had to say about us on www.Frolic.com:
“When researching the Maine property I came across a truly spectacular property on Flickr, but it might as well have been in North Dakota because it never occurred to me that it was perfect. And it turns out it’s beyond perfect.

So now we will be married at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont. Don’t worry, Stacey Kane is still coming! Courtney and Liz own and run the property and they are awesome, fantabulous girls. Since there are always weird connections in my life I should tell you that it turns out Courtney’s mom talked with me for a while during a studio event a week before Z proposed, and had told me about her daughter owning an excellent property in Vermont.”

Story and Photos courtesy of amazing photographer Stacey Kane…. Stacey is incredible- you must check out her blog:


Elisabeth & Zach- Riverside Farm

“What a fun fun couple and what a great wedding!

It seems as though I’ve known Elisabeth forever. From the very first email exchange I knew we’d get along great. We have very similar tastes and a passion for paper. (bet you didn’t know I owned a stationery studio for years prior to becoming a photographer!). Elisabeth has a fabulous letterpress company called Black Pearl Press in Boston, MA and is a frequent guest blogger on Frolic.

Given her natural design sense and fun, fresh style I knew it would be a wedding to remember. It certainly was! An 80s tribute band, a pig roast, horseshoes and frisbee….all in one of my all time favorite wedding locations – Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, VT.

It was a great time!

Here are a few images from their day…. Stacey Kane”