How to Propose to your Sweetheart

February 13, 2015
Couple walking together

Riverside Farm Wedding   [Photo: Cronin Hill]

We LOVE weddings, and without wedding proposals, there would be no weddings.  In honor of Valentine’s day this year we decided to help all of our love smitten friends with a little marriage proposal advice.  You may have seen the “how to pop the question” survey on our blog last week.  We’ve collected the answers here and hope we might have a small part in bringing joy to a few couples this Valentine’s day.


#1 Should the Groom Ask the Bride’s Parents for Her Hand in Marriage?

Some advice sites suggested that ” Asking for a bride’s hand in marriage, which typically means formally asking her father for permission to marry, is an old-fashioned tradition that is rarely followed nowadays. ”  But you disagreed.  In fact almost 75% of you said the bride’s parent’s should be asked.  Maybe we’ve come far enough as a society that we understand this doesn’t undermine a woman’s control of her own destiny, rather it’s a lovely way to show respect for her family and her history.

Most of you agreed it was not so much the location, as the thought behind it.  Some of your comments: “Somewhere well thought out or meaningful to the development of your relationship” and “Where ever your heart leads you.”  There were some quirky suggestions too ” At a ‘Kool & The Gang’ concert…during ‘Cherish,” we wonder if that’s a hint for someone.


 #2 What is the Best Location to Pop the Question?

Answers were mixed on this one, and there were a lot of comments.  The most popular of our suggestions by a small margin was “on a mountaintop,” but maybe that’s because we have a few perfect mountain tops right here.  We’re partial to the hand built cobble shelter at the top of the Stone Steps behind Riverside Farm, but Killington Mountain Peak has a gorgeous view and can be accessed by the K1 Gondola just a few miles south of here.


#3 Should You Have the Ring Before You Propose?

Close to 75% of you said yes, have the ring before proposing, but your comments were more varied.  Here are 3 of your comments that reflect 3 points of view: ” yes… but i thinking picking the ring should be a joint decision. The wife has to wear it for the rest of her life, so she better love it,”   “Not necessary. I don’t need a ring so just a romantic gesture is nice,” and this very pragmatic piece of advice ” If you want it to go well.”


#4  Is it Old Fashioned or Romantic to Get Down on One Knee?

While only about 65% answered “Romantic,” a full 20% of you replied with the comment “Both, old fashioned and romantic!”  We say go for it.


 #5 Anything Else you Think Couples Need to Know?

We think this one comment sums it all up: “You will always remember “how he/she proposed”. The asking doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. If your doing the asking, make it memorable, thoughtful and with love. And hey, running a race at a Vermont ski mountain always makes a great story!”
Happy Valentine’s Day!  We hope you’ll share your successful proposal stories with us!


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