I ♥ Vermont Weddings!

January 9, 2013
Vermont is a lot of things for many people. 

It is a place people call home. Those who grow up in Vermont have a very strong connection with the area. Even if they move, they stay true to their roots and enjoy returning to their home state when the opportunity arises. Natives reflect fondly on their childhood roots where they may have enjoyed living in a quaint small town with a supportive and caring community. 

Vermont is home away from home. The beauty and charm of this New England state appeals to tourists from all over the country. People come year-round. Some prefer skiing in the winter while others prefer to visit during the summer to take in the beautiful countryside while hiking or kayaking. Of course, then there are those who can’t resist Vermont in the fall for its breathtaking foliage and crisp autumn air.  

Whatever the reason, people love the state of Vermont! Their passion for the Green Mountain State brings them here, especially when it is time to select a location for a wedding. Vermont offers variety, charm and a feeling of being at home that couples love and are looking for in a wedding location for themselves and their guests. 
Riverside Farm is the epitome of charm when it comes to hosting a Vermont Wedding. Weather a couple is a native or just someone who has an affinity for the state, they can feel confident that Riverside Farm will give them the true Vermont experience they are looking for.

If you are planning, or would like to plan a gorgeous Vermont Wedding, contact Liz Cotter at 802.282.9880 or email us at  info.riversidefarm@gmail.com. We have multiple ceremony and reception sites available for 2013.