Pittsfield in Autumn ’11

October 16, 2011

Get ready to look at a lot of photos! If you’re wondering what Pittsfield, Vermont looks like these days (post flood)- Not to worry! There is life all over this little town and the beauty of autumn has flooded the windy dirt roads of Lower and Upper Michigan Roads and the Village Green is bright with colors… still a quaint, lovely New England town dotted with lush green farms, country farmhouses and old barns.. and newly paved roads and bridges as well! When you’re coming to Pittsfield you’ll see that we are safe and sound… here’s some photos from mid October… enjoy!

The hilarious Duck Family that lives at the Amee Farm pond:)

Wedding planner Liz Cotter touring an engaged couple:)

Swiss Farm Inn- Worlds Best Breakfast!

Just next door to the Amee Farm Lodge

Pittsfield Garden Center… best kept secret in Vermont for Wedding Floral Design. Trish Hegewald is amazing…

Her shop where Trish works her magic

Don’t let the country look fool you… she’s got fabric, chandeliers and lanterns and all sorts of tricks up her sleeve to make Riverside Farm weddings come alive!

Rent Kayacks from Moondog next door to the General Store!

Yummy sandwiches at the Pitt Stop


The Amee Farm Lodge

The Casabella Inn… great B&B

  • If you’re coming to visit Riverside Farm… check out these other great spots in town! 
  • The Amee Farm (north side of town- beautiful VT Inn and farm, green house, farmstand & bike trails- say hi to Russell & Elizabeth)
  • The Original General Store (sweet old fashioned country store with great food & stuff to buy- say hi to Devan & Kim & Andrew)
  • The Kayack King- Kayack rentals!
  • The Pitt Stop (gas station & great deli & VT Stuff- say hi to Joyce & Roger)
  • Casabella Inn (charming B&B right next to the General Store)
  • Swiss Farm Inn (cozy B&B right next to Amee Farm= awesome breakfast!)
  • Bikram Yoga Studio (say hi to Liz)
  • Pittsfield Garden Center (Trish Hegewald is the best kept floral design secret in Vermont!)
  • The Clear River Tavern (great local bar- say hi to Doug & Jason!)
  • The Village Green and everything in between: