Please Pass the Gravy

November 14, 2012

Food brings people together. There is something special about sitting down at the dinner table together with the family. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, households all over the country will be gathering together to enjoy each other’s company and to fill their tummies with some good old-fashioned home cooking. As people sit down to eat, they’ll get to take in the sights and smells of all the delicious food that has been lovingly prepared and placed on the table for enjoying. Everyone talks, laughs, passes around the dishes, comments on the wonderful food—a tradition that brings family together.

This family-style approach to dining has been part of American culture for centuries and is a wonderful option to consider incorporating into a wedding or large celebration. Riverside uses “King’s Tables” to accommodate this particular style of gathering. Rather than having 15 or more individual tables, guests are seated at one very long, beautifully decorated table. A wonderful display of home cooked food is brought out in serving dishes and placed on the tables for guests to serve themselves. Just as they would at home, guests are able to soak in the aroma of the food that has been carefully prepared for that special occasion. It is a less formal way to dine, but it brings a level of closeness and provides an experience similar to having an intimate dinner at home.

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