Sarah’s Autumn Wedding – The Stonewell Barn in October

A view of the foliage… this photo really doesn’t do it justice. The colors were far  more bold… we can’t wait to show you the “real” photographers (Cronin Hill from Mass.) slideshow when it’s ready!

The antique carriage parked in front of the Stonewell Barn (aptly named for the stone wishing well just outside the front entrance to the barn)

 A view from the porch of the Stonewell Barn… every guest wanders out there with a cocktail at some point throughout the evening… great spot!

It’s an incredible view- especially as the sun sets during dinner!

Vibrant colors…. notice the vintage photobooth in the back corner …

 Lots of light streaming through the porch barn doors… this is the time (pre-dinner) where candles are just being lit but it’s not quite dark enough to really appreciate them…however, this is the time when all the guests are out at the cocktail hour and we have a moment to come through and snap photos to share with all you nice folks:)

View from the guest tables… it’s pretty awesome. Because the dining space is on the second floor of the enormous Stonewell Barn, you actually feel like your dining in the treetops of the forest around you. Makes a nice backdrop to any event…

This couple chose a sweat heart table… but any style is possible (from round or banquet,wooden farmhouse or king’s tables)

 Love the way the light hits all the beams… there’s plenty of charm in this space…no need to overload it with tons of decorating… it’s not an empty ballroom in need of dramatic 5 foot centerpieces etc 🙂 You know what I mean…

 The cake was adorable and quite yummy…

 Love these little cake toppers from Etsy

 Candles, candles everywhere….

 Some more artsy shots… sorry 🙂

 I like this photo… it really shows the expansiveness of the space… it’s hard to believe how large this barn really is until you walk through it. The intricate post and beams are deceiving (but most is throughout the ceiling) and make it feel intimate and cozy but the floor is actually very spacious and can accommodate large weddings…

Here’s a nice example of a 6 foot round table that can comfortably seat 10 guest.

 Some details of the Barn

 Pumpkin Soup with sage and walnuts, An Assortment of hearty breads and whipped butter, Grilled Red Snapper served over polenta with an herb broth made of cilantro, parsley and chervil, finished with baby turnips, pearl onions and radishes. Espresso Dusted Filet Mignon served with gorgonzola cheese, Stuffed Delicata Squash served with herb risotto, goat cheese and hazelnut-brown butter sauce…. yum!

 Bold linen with overlay and classic chivari ballroom chair with ivory cushion…

Beautiful flowers….perfect fall colors..

View from the porch looking over the meadow to the bridal party – taking photos by the Red Tractor….

 The bridal party was heading up to cocktail hour…October Foliage….

 View of the Stables from the Stonewell Barn…


 The meadow and hayfield and moutains in the distance… a peacefil view from the porch.

November 10, 2010

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  1. That is a beautiful barn! I can only imagine how much time it must take to light all those candles on the beams!