September 10th Wedding: “Symbol of New Beginning”

September 12, 2011

We are so proud to have hosted such a lovely wedding for  local Pittsfield Fire Department  Officer, Brian Merrill and his new wife Del’Rae this past weekend.  The weather was amazing – a perfect September day and we were so excited to see the whole event come together so beautifully.

After a couple of weeks of rebuilding and cleaning up after the storm everyone in Pittsfield was ready to celebrate. An article was written in the local paper about the groom’s excellent job as a firefighter during the storm and this special wedding and the way the town Pittsfield came together after the flood….and here’s an excerpt…

“The wedding symbolized a new beginning and an appropriate thank you to the Merrills (and all volunteers).” Brian Merrill shrugged off the compliments. “One person couldn’t have done it without everyone working together, without putting any differences aside and working together, ” he said “This town will never be the same. It will be 10 times stronger than ever.”

Brian and Del’Rae had their wedding ceremony in Pittsfield’s Federated Church and fittingly, one of the readings from their wedding that pastor Howard Gunter read aloud was from the Song of Solomon which includes the words, “the rains are over and gone.”

After the ceremony, the entire wedding party was driven over in a tractor straight to our Stonewell Barn (the big wedding barn) where tons of mason jars and lanterns with candles greeted the guests. It was the perfect combination of “rustic elegance”. The bride wore a beautiful strapless dress and the bridesmaids wore long black gowns and carried sunflowers and hydrangeas. Gorgeous! 

It was such a wonderful celebration for our whole town and considering so many of the groomsman were on the Pittsfield Volunteer Fire Dept… there were all kinds of firetrucks from Pittsfield and surrounding towns there to create a memorable entrance. Sirens and cheering- It was so much fun! 

Thanks to local wedding coordinator Sharon Mayer and RF’s Liz Cotter,  Jason and Doug from The Clear River Tavern, Tweed River Video, Trish Hegewald from the Pittsfield Garden Center and Joyce and Roger Stevens from The Swiss Farm Inn (and so many more) for all their contributions to the wedding… we are sooo looking forward to the video and the photos!


photos by Barb Wood, Yvonne Daley, Cronin Hill