The Best Man & ‘Ave Maria’

September 19, 2010

Yesterday, as we were preparing the Stonewell Barn for Abbi and Ryan’s wedding, we were on the back porch and happened to notice Ryan’s brother, The Best Man, walking out to the ceremony location. He was so excited. Even from a distance, we could see the speech in hand, the spring in his step, his enthusiasm was so evident. I’m sure the rings were burning a hole in his vest pocket. While he was walking, a friend of the bride’s was practicing her solo – ‘Ave Maria’ in the meadow (doing the soundcheck).. this was such a cool moment. Her voice was absolutely INCREDIBLE… all the vendors (florist, caterer and the Riverside wedding planning team) stopped what they were doing to hear this woman sing. She had no idea the effect her voice had on all of us. Pretty awesome. Soooo, try to imagine Ave Maria playing in the distance while you look at these pictures 🙂
Definitely one of the Top Ten Best Riverside Farm Wedding Moments of all time… (sniff, sniff, where are the tissues…)

Here’s the Best Man (groom’s brother)… he just left the Groom’s Cabin and was walking down to the Meadow for the ceremony…. he looked so determined… and had a spring in his step! This man was on a mission and deep in thought!

We saw him from the Wedding Barn porch and yelled “Wooo Hoo – go get em!” He looked up and smiled with his speech in hand, he was so happy…. we just loved the whole thing!

What you can’t see or hear is the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING operatic voice that was singing ‘Ave Maria’ – she was just doing a sound check and practicing… and the meadow was FILLED with her beautiful voice. We all stopped working to listen.
I’m pretty sure this guy was tearing up too… the voice was soooo gorgeous. Yes- one of my top ten Riverside Farm Moments. of all time.
Still Awesome.
So great. We love weddings.