Venues Offer Variety In Vermont

October 17, 2012

A beautiful wedding is made up of a combination of elements: the place, the food, the music, and the atmosphere, just to name a few. For most couples, the first task on their wedding “To Do” list is to select a venue. The location sets the tone for the rest of the wedding.

How do you select the perfect venue? That depends on a few things.

  • Your guest list! Knowing how many people you plan to invite will determine the right location for your needs. Here at Riverside Farm, we can accommodate groups from 50 to 450 in our various barn locations, as well as under a classical tent. 
  • What type of ceremony do you want? There are many possibilities when selecting a ceremony location. You can choose the traditional route and select a chapel, or you can opt to have the ceremony in a grassy open field, in a rustic barn, or under a beautiful white windowed tent. 
  • How much decorating will you want to do? Keep in mind that if a space offers very little in the way of décor, you will have to plan for your own. Riverside Farm and our other properties come fully furnished for your event, and we will work with you to bring in the “extras” that you may want.

Some couples look for more than just a wedding reception site. The trend today is to host a three-day celebration, which would include a rehearsal dinner or welcome reception, an outdoor ceremony, a magnificent reception, and a farewell Sunday brunch, each utilizing a different location.

The ideal venue in this case should offer diversity and exclusivity. Consider Riverside Farm’s Red Barn, Amee Farm, Stonewell Barn, Trailside Lodge, the Upper Meadow, the Wedding Meadow, as well as our other properties. Each location offers a different and unique feel for your guests.