We LOVE Our New Sign!

December 31, 2010

Riverside Farm has a brand new sign out front! After 70+ years, our old sign was in need of some updating and TLC…So thanks to some local woodworkers, we are loving this new one.. and expect it to last another 70 years (or at least until all our children are married here!). We wanted something very rustic and natural looking but very sturdy. I think you will all agree that this is something your guests will notice right away as they meander up Route 100. These pictures show lots of snow but imagine in the summer and fall with big fat whiskey barrels overflowing with flowers… love it! Bring on the Weddings:)


(PS: Yes I know what you’re thinking: “Oh I like the red one better”, however you should know that this above (red sign) photo is awesome bc it was taken 5 years ago by Cronin Hill photography and expertly edited in photoshop and it had snowed about 5 feet before this picture was taken..ha! So of course it looks great. But Trust me, our new sign is WAY better…even without photoshop trickery!).