Welcome to The Riverside Farm Blog!

August 26, 2008

Thank you for coming to check out our blog here at Riverside Farm. With the incredible weddings and events that we host and all the different themes and style we see, it makes sense for us to share with our future brides (you) all the ideas and creativity that we see all year long. So the purpose of this blog is to tell you about my “life on the farm”… sharing the experience of life in Vermont and the change of seasons… and also to keep you in the loop with fresh ideas, trends and real weddings that have happened here.

I absolutely love the weddings… each one is so unique and so specific to the style of each couple. We only host a limited number of weddings per year (the rest of the time is spent with our own family and friends) and having each event SO customized keeps it fresh and interesting and a lot of fun. When you come to visit the farm you will see that it just lends itself perfectly for big family parties and weddings. I warn you that we are not a wedding factory and there is no A, B or C choice to make. We love variety, we love creativity, we work best with brides or grooms with a real sense of what they want. That’s not to say we won’t plan your entire wedding for you if that’s what you’d prefer. We have definitely thrown some fabulous weddings for couples who are finishing law school, building a home or running a business and don’t have tons of time to devote to planning their own wedding. But we absolutely welcome creative people and couples with a strong style and sense of what they want. It’s our job to make it happen.

I say “We” a lot because we have an incredible team here. First is of course my husband, Joe. He is the visionary behind all of this and the one with the construction know how. Secondly, is Liz, our event coordinator and true operator of our weddings and event business. She’s amazing. After running her own catering business in San Francisco we managed to relocate her to Riverside Farm where she meticulously plans the weddings with each couple and handles every detail exceptionally well. Then there’s Me, Courtney. I work all of the weddings with Liz and often tour couples around the farm when they initially come for a visit to our farm. I can tell you all about the history of the property, the renovation we did and where ever stitch of furniture and antique came from. I can also tell you from a bride’ perspective what a wedding here feels like and anticipate some of your questions and concerns regarding a “wedding on a farm”…and “No” there is no manure-y smell… and your mother CAN wear heels on the grass (thanks to lots of walking paths). For more questions about the property and information on pricing please contact Liz@riversidefarmvermont.com or call her at 802-282-9880.

So thank you for visiting our blog. Feel free to send me messages or event ideas..I will be including photos from real weddings here and filling you in on what’s going on here at Riverside Farm throughout the seasons. Hope you enjoy our blog!