Winter at Riverside Farm by Cronin Hill Photography – Guest Blogger

December 14, 2009

Here is a note from Rick & Paula – our friends (who happen to be amazing event photographers!) who recently shot a beautiful wedding here this winter… we always look forward to their visits.

January 2009

Not much has changed. Every time we have the opportunity to be Pittsfield it’s always a special one. We’re going on almost fives years of shooting events at Riverside Farm and whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s a magical country experience.

Here are few images from our photographic adventure back in 2005…

Our first blog about Riverside Farm written in January of 2005:

“Every now and then you come across a venue that inspires you… from the time you arrive-to the time you leave, you want to shoot every square inch of it. Paula and I found such a place… it’s Riverside Farm.

We arrived in Pittsfield Vermont after a quick two hour drive and checked into the Greenbrier Inn. It had just snowed, so the ride was inspiring itself. Paula and I made our way to the farm, traveling curvy roads, taking in the winter wonderland. We rounded the corner and there stood a snow covered bridge, a beautiful tan cottage, and a huge red barn that screamed “I LOVE WINTER IN VERMONT!”

After meeting for a short while with Courtney and Liz, Paula and I couldn’t wait to get out side and start shooting. It had started snow, you know the kind, that hot chocolate and warm fire mood snow. Scrambling to open the back of the Jeep, we couldn’t get our cameras out fast enough! I turned around and I didn’t even know where Paula went! We shot the pristine winter venue from every angle, giggling to ourselves thinking, “…ooh this is going to be a good one” and by the time we were done we were exhausted.

Paula and I retired to the Pittsfield Gerneral Store for some rest and Vermont cooking. The smell of freshly brewed coffee grabbed your nose as you walked in the door. We sat by a crackling fire and enjoyed warm apple maple turkey wraps, a cup of mulled cider and some locally made white chocolate. Sirius Coffeehouse was playing and we could of slept in the rocking chairs by the fireplace.

Snow. Scenic photos. Fireplace. Good food. We didn’t want to come home!”