Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

April 9, 2015

photos – Susan Stripling, Stephanie C. Olsen & Caprisio.


Wedding cakes are such an integral part of weddings they’ve become the symbol that represents weddings!  So how does a modern couple respect the tradition, but break free?  If you’re planning a rustic elegant wedding you’re not looking for a cookie cutter experience, but that doesn’t mean you want to cut your ties to history and tradition completely.

photos - Jose Villa, Cronin Hill & JL Photography.

photos – Jose Villa, Cronin Hill & JL Photography.


We’ve had the good fortune here at Riverside Farm of working with creative couples that have come up with a variety of solutions to the wedding cake dilemma.  Some couples chose to have a wedding cake, but display it or decorate it in a unique way that represents their personality as a couple. Some couples have served other wedding treats and deserts.  Couples celebrating the Vermont outdoorsy lifestyle might like s’mores over the fire.  For a folksy farm wedding feel pies are a great option.  Want cake, but can’t decide on the flavors?  How about a cupcake bar?  Looking for a desert guests can bring home with them?  Maybe a free penny candy shop.  Looking to entertain your guests, while celebrating the joy of youth?  How about a Make Your Own Sundae bar.  Here are photos of a few unique dessert ideas and displays we hope will inspire you.


photo - JL Photography

photo – JL Photography


photos – Karen Von Voigtlander, JL Photography & Caprisio.



photo – Cronin Hill


photo – Barrie Fisher Photographers



photos – Cronin Hill, Melissa Mullen & Kingdom Wedding Photography.



photo – Barrie Fisher Photographers


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