April Wedding Weekend

April 25, 2013

It’s April, and our first Riverside Farm wedding weekend has arrived.  We thought you might enjoy a behind the scenes peek at how we prepare for our first Riverside Farm wedding of the season.  So much has already been done behind the scenes, both by our team and by the couple.  Caterers and menus have been chosen, an officiant, a DJ or band.  Here at Riverside couples have a lot of choices once they start to work with us.  Will the ceremony be inside or outside?  In the Stonewell barn, the Red Barn?  And where will you hold your rehearsal dinner, the wedding dinner, a Sunday brunch?  The weekend we’ll be hosting high tea!  With all that going on, a team meeting for all of our in house staff is critical.


Riverside Farm Wedding Planning Meeting.

Riverside Farm Wedding Planning Meeting.

Then it’s all hands on deck!  Since each wedding on our multiple wedding sites is unique that means lots of moving, sorting and cleaning that our couples, their families and guests never know about.  Unless they look here…


Wedding planning and preparation

Riverside’s Red Barn

Riverside Barn Wedding Cleaning

Making sure every detail is right


Spring Flowers

A welcome reminder of spring


Sorting wedding tableware

Sorting and checking all the wedding tableware.


Rustic signs at Riverside weddings

Our classic rustic signs