Choosing the right music for your first dance

April 3, 2013
First Dance at Riverside Farm

photo by Sabin Gratz

There are so many choices to be made when planning your wedding.  We can help you with breathtaking Vermont destination wedding locations.  But what about some of the more personal choices?  Picking music for your first dance can seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be.  There are so many choices out there, and it is easy to lean on the internet for help.  First, sit down with your partner and have a brainstorming session.  Think of songs you like.  Is there a song that was playing when you first met?  Or the moment you knew your love was meant to be?  Maybe it’s a song you just love to dance to?  Some couples choose a song that expresses the way they feel about each other, through the lyrics or the music.  There are some fantastic timeless wedding classics like Etta James singing “At Last,” or Randy Travis singing “For Ever and Ever Amen,”  and a google search with give you new ideas too.

First Dance at Riverside Farm

Photo by Katie Pietrowski


For fun, we’ve compiled a list of some more unique choices for first dance.  Feel free to comment below with your ideas too!  Then enjoy photos of some of our couples enjoying their first dance.

Music you might not have thought of for your first dance:

love song by 311

Dream A Little Dream  by Mamas & the Papas

Be Mine or The One I Love by David Gray

Gamble Everything For Love by Ben Lee

The Luckiest by Ben Folds

Love Song by The Cure

Your Arms by The Lemonheads

You and me by The cranberries


Have fun wth your wedding dance

Photo by Garnick Moore


First Dance at Riverside Farm

Photo by Love Buzz Photo



Photo by Karen Von Voigtlander


First Dance at Riverside Farm

Photo by Dave Robbins Photography


First Dance at Riverside Farm

Photo by Heather DiPiazza


First Dance at Riverside Farm

Photo by Birke Photograohy


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