How Do I Choose a Wedding Videographer?

May 27, 2016


Planning a wedding comes with so much excitement….and so many decisions! These days most couples understand that wedding videography is an important item on the list, but often couples are unsure how to choose the videography services that are best for them. We asked our friends Lindsay and David, the husband and wife team behind Paperweight Films for advice.  They are firm believers that there is the perfect videographer out there for everyone – it just takes knowing the right questions to ask to find the perfect fit.



left: Lindsay and David by Jenny Moloney | right: A Paperweight Films Highlight


The five questions to ask wedding videographers:

1.    What Is Your Philosophy/Style When Shooting a Wedding?

There are so many styles of wedding videography out there – truly something for everyone! There are studios, like us, who are as hands-off as possible, taking a fly-on-the wall approach with minimal equipment. There are teams that work with high profile equipment and create more of a movie-set feel…and there is everything in between! Decide how you want to experience your wedding day when selecting your videographer. If you want to feel like a movie star, go for someone who will give you direction and set up shots. If you are not as comfortable with that, go with someone who will let you experience the day as it happens and capture things in a less involved way.


2.    How Many People Will Be Shooting?

There is a wide range of what you will find out there in terms of videography teams. Some fly solo, and some bring 4-5 people. In our opinion, 2 is the perfect number. It allows for more than one angle to be captured during special moments (the bride walking down the aisle and the groom’s face as he sees her), but does not result in feeling like you are being followed by paparazzi. Think about what would make you and your guests the most comfortable all while capturing the day.


3.    How Do You Video The Ceremony?

There are so many moments to capture on a wedding day, but the most sacred of them all is, of course, the ceremony. It is important to find a videographer who will capture the ceremony in an intimate way while staying respectful to the importance of that moment. Ask ahead of time how they approach the set up – do they move around? How close will the get? Do they stand in the aisle? Knowing what to expect, as well as what you are comfortable with, is extremely important in this moment.

4.    How Do You Select Music?

There are so many different ways videographers approach music selection. Some choose popular songs that you’d find in the Top 40 lists of that year (but be aware these may not be legally licensed – how and where you share your video could be limited,) some choose to use licensed music from lesser-known artists in hopes that you’ll only associate the song with your wedding, and that it will feel like “yours”. Some allow you to be very involved in the selection process, and some prefer to do it all on their own. Keep in mind that a videographer that uses licensed music is usually the safer route to go in terms of liability and your ability to share your video publicly.

5.    Do You Work Well With Photographers?

You definitely want to find a videographer that is all about the team-based approach to documenting your wedding (same goes for a photographer!). Someone that values to working with, rather than against, the rest of your vendors to achieve their vision will have a positive effect on not only your video, but your experience of the day.

Having a wedding video to watch and share for generations to come is priceless, and so is your wedding day experience. We hope these questions will be helpful in your search. Here’s to finding the perfect videographer for your day!


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