How to propose! Our annual survey results.

January 27, 2016

For the second year in a row we’ve reached out to our community, to wedding experts, to brides, grooms and family members and to engaged and married couples to find out how best to propose to the love of your life.  Here’s what we learned.


photo Cronin Hill


Should You Ask  for Your Fiance’s Parents Blessings?

It may be the year 2016, but when it comes to proposing most of you are traditional.  70% of you answered yes.  But these two comments put that answer in perspective.

“It feels a little old-fashioned to ask for the bride’s hand (after all, she’s not owned by her parents!) but a conversation where the groom talks about his intentions is a nice way of making the parents feel he is respectful and thoughtful”

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no…the groom will know”



What is the BEST Location to Pop the Question?

Answers for this question were divided with “Top of the Mountain” getting 30%, “Where you had your first date” and “Pittsfield, Vermont” each received 15% but “Other” was the clear winner with the remaining 40%.  Here’s what you said:

“Somewhere with meaning to the relationship. Make sure you know if she wants it public or private.”

“A place that means a lot to the both of you be it Paris or a top of a mountain or just the privacy of your own home. “


Should You Have the Ring Before You Propose?

Sorry procrastinators, but there was no ambiguity here.  100% of those who took our survey said “yes.” To complicate matters your fiance is the one who will wear that ring for the rest of his or her life, so do your best to purchase something that fits their tastes.  Some couples go shopping together, it wasn’t reflected in our survey but we think that’s a great option too.


Is it Old Fashioned or Romantic to Get Down on One Knee?

Once again when it comes to wedding proposals our survey takers are traditionalists. 92% said it is not old fashioned to get down on one knee to ask for your love’s hand in marriage.



photo Daria Bishop

Would you videotape your proposal?

This is the first time we’ve asked the question, and answers were evenly divided. Half of you felt you should videotape it to keep for posterity and half of you felt it should be a private moment.  The compromise? Snap a few photos.


Any other advice?

This is always my favorite part of our wedding proposal survey, here are a few of our favorite answers.

“Propose when you have lots of time – at least a couple weeks – to celebrate. You don’t want to stress about wedding details just yet! Asking for the bride’s hand is definitely a bit dated, but think of it more as officially joining the families than getting permission. I was pretty nervous asking her Dad, but his joy and excitement confirmed our commitment to each other. It was a great feeling.”

“Go big! Take the next day off. Plan to celebrate with family and friends soon after to celebrate the day!”

“Putting your own spin on the engagement is the most romantic. You putting time and effort in to the planning and keeping the person you will propose to in mind and customizing it to them is romantic and beautiful. “

“My advice is to do whatever has meaning to both people. Traditions can be great as they tend to be vested with cultural meaning, but you don’t have to follow them all. If some feel forced or commercial, skip them.”

 “Be yourself above all else! Don’t be afraid to be creatively romantic. “

“Make sure you really know the person you’re getting married to.”


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