Jenny and Bryan’s Ceremony in The Meadow – An August Wedding

August 19, 2010
One surprise that made this wedding special was the ceremony… Bryan (a super handy craftsman) built the arbor made of birch from his own yard in Middlebury, VT where he grew up and they now live. And he also built these lovely flower boxes (they are huge and were teeming with white hydrangeas and pink roses and greenery- beautiful!) that were placed at the ends of the aisles by the white chairs. 
Here are some photos of their beautiful ceremony this past Saturday (3:30pm start). Sunny, low 80’s, slight breeze… perfect!

Another notable part of this wedding was the ceremony itself was performed by Alice, (a groomsman’s mother) a great family friend who commented on the lives of Bryan and Jenny and particularly the 90+ years of marriage advice they can draw from their own parents’ marriages! Pretty cool. It was a very touching ceremony… Watch for a slideshow of the entire day! 
And the VSO (Vermont Symphony Orchestra) played the music during the ceremony (under the small white tent)…. they played beautifully…. very elegant touch.
After the ceremony in the meadow, all the guests were invited to cocktails in the upper meadow next to The Stonewell Barn (the BIG brown barn in the background). 
And the music on Saturday night was awesome. Jamie and The Junk Show! (Call Liz for their info 802-282-9880) Jamie has an amazing voice and his crew is so talented. The entire barn was dancing and rocking. His base player has big blond dreds and they just got the whole crowd moving- everybody , old and young. What a riot! These guys played an excellent selection of old and new songs and even an amazing version of “Gin & Juice” in a funky ska version. Everyone was dancing and having a ball. Even one of the groomsman (quite talented) busted out his guitar and played a few songs with them.  I can’t wait to see this band again (it was their first time playing at Riverside Farm and definitely not the last).