Nick & Stacy – A Gorgeous Summer Wedding

August 12, 2010
Nick & Stacy – A Classic Summer Wedding at Riverside Farm

All Photos courtesy of Corinne Schippert
She is so talented… always Best of Boston…. she captures these incredible moments. Love her! 
Yes, we agree…they should be on the cover of a magazine. Hellooo Martha Stewart Weddings??

Nick and Stacy are one of the most memorable couples that we have had the honor of hosting their wedding. All we can say is that their friends and family were absolutely thrilled to see them tie the knot and after spending the weekend with them… we can see that they are so totally in love and have such a wonderful and bright future ahead of them… 

This was one of those weekends that was just effortless for us (Riverside Staff). Everything was so easy and so flawless- partly due to the fact that Stacy was a fabulous wedding planner for one of Boston’s finest event production companies- The Rafanelli Group (for anyone who has never heard of them- they are pretty much amazing and the owner Bryan Rafanelli was just in the news for planning another small event …um, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding! Have you heard of her? Um, yeah. Wow! Ok enough about her, back to Stacy.  So of course we were totally flattered that Stacy chose Riverside Farm (just a little farm in Vermont 😉 to plan her weekend wedding. As a wedding planner for one of the most prestigious groups in Boston, she has seen it all. Which is probably why she chose to pair it all down and just go for “classic, simple and thoughtful. “She of course, is absolutely runway-stunning (as you will see by the photos), Nick is too cute for words, her dress was incredible, the bridesmaids all beautiful, the weather was sunny and warm with a hint of color in the mountains, the music rocking, the guests were on cloud nine. It was just a GREAT wedding.
Nick and Stacy will always be on of our favorite events of all time here at Riverside. We just love them and look forward to them coming up for a ski weekend with us this winter! Thanks again for choosing us as your destination wedding venue…

The Ceremony Site by the Tree with Mountain in Background… very special place. You can feel it when you walk there. Here’s the view from the Red Barn, moments before every arrives.

The Ceremony

This is always my favorite part of the wedding day…  she was absolutely Radiant.

Stacy and her dad. Beautiful.

I loved this picture… the minister was a family friend.

Walking in front of the Stonewell Barn…their candlelit reception awaits

Bride and groom walking by the Stonewell Barn… don’t you love the weathered beams on the barn. 

They are so adorable I can’t stand it!
The happy couple arrives at the  Stonewell Barn meadow….here’s the view from cocktail hour… pretty great.

The Crew

The Girls