How to Propose to Your Sweetheart – New 2017 Survey Results

January 26, 2017

Getting ready to propose to your sweetheart, wow! It’s probably one of the most exciting moments in your life so far.  Every year in anticipation of Valentine’s Day we survey couples and wedding professionals to see what they think is the best way to pop the big question.  Here’s what we learned for 2017.

Question One: Should the parents be asked before proposing?

73% said yes, that was a big surprise to us, so we checked the comments.  Most said either “I don’t think they need to be asked but they could be let in on the surprise beforehand!” or “Depends on age and circumstances.”


Question Two: What is the BEST location to pop the question?

About 30% chose “where you had your first date.” We must have an outdoorsy audience because 23% chose “The top of a Mountain.”  The most popular answer was “other,” here are a few of our favorites:

“With family and friends whatever the location may be”
“Not on vacation – then you just want to get back and celebrate with friends and family. Proposing alone somewhere special with friends and family nearby to celebrate is perfect “
“Somewhere memorable to the two of you where you can return to visit “
“Any place that gives you perspective on your life “
“At the Amee Farm Lodge, of course. VERY romantic!”



Question Three: Should you have the ring before you propose?

The answer’s pretty clear, 85% of you said yes.


Question Four: Is it Old Fashioned or Romantic to get down on one knee?

Another clear consensus here, only 5% of you said it is “Old Fashioned,” although one respondent commented “awkward.”

Question Five: Would you videotape your proposal?

About 55% of you said no, it should be a private moment, but almost 25% said yes. Most of the comments were from couples looking back “My husband set a timer on our camera to snap a shot just as he popped the question. I had no idea and we treasure this photo,” and “ I love having pictures of mine but that’s not everyone’s style. “


Question Six: What is the first thing a couple should do after getting engaged?

Even though we offered 8 options (including “other”) all of your answers were split between “call the family” with just over 40% and “Celebrate quietly by themselves” with almost 60%.

Question Seven: Advice?

This is our favorite question, where we get the most interesting answers.  Here’s the advice you shared:

“Don’t let go of true love for new experience or unforeseen adventures, for the adventure of true love is what life should be about. “

“Don’t be pressured by anyone else. You know each other best. Do what makes you both happy. “

“Do whatever makes you happy! “