Scot & Jacqueline’s Vermont Country Wedding

December 22, 2010

Possibly the most incredible wedding of the season!

Scot and Jacqueline are such an amazing, fun and well LOVED couple- totally evident from the heartfelt toasts, filled with laughter and tears, a slideshow with tons of FUN pictures and even a surprise Grease Lightning rendition. We just loved these guys and their families. These two people are just one of those couples that everyone wants to be around making this wedding VERY memorable. The weekend was stunning and we all (staff included) had so much fun and were honored to be a part of their weekend..  From the moment we met them last winter, we knew this was going to be special. Nothing I write will do the event justice.. so hopefully these beautiful pictures will begin to tell the tale (and more to come).

Scot & Jacqueline…. October 2010

It was the just the end of the fall and the weather was cool,  but the sun was out and clear crisp skies… Friday night was a festive night of toasts and roasts in the Red Barn (notice the long kings tables and gorgeous Sunflowers). WE LOVE SUNFLOWERS. They just look incredible and the color pops in the barn against all the dark rustic wood… their tables were fabulous with dark square chargers, flax colored linens covered with sparkling bowls with pears and olives (cool!) pale striped napkins and sharp black chiavari chairs and cushions. Very Barn Chic if you ask me. Friday night was also memorable with the lovely “glass” tent they constructed just outside the barn covering the patio.  The tent ceiling was also clear and the entire mountain filled with October colors behind Riverside Farm was in clear view- literally. Loved it!!

The wedding day (ceremony and reception) was absolutely amazing. The wedding production team from Hopple Popple- Boston (Linda Matzkin and Nicole Pollock) created such a unique weekend filled with the perfect Vermont activities, goodies and sophisticated style.  With their vision, Riverside Farm was transformed into something completely new, stunning and elegant. We can’t wait for them to come back and blow our minds again. The floral design team from Winston Flowers of Boston completely outdid themselves.  and ceremony, chuppah in the Red Barn and dining tables in the Stonewell Barn were nothing short of extraordinary. Amazing chandeliers with multiple levels of votive candles set the mood as well as the lovely white floral design of the tables.  Lighting from Suzanne B. Lowell also of Boston created an intimate atmosphere inside the barns and wild festive vibes in the glass tents (see night pics). All in all… totally gorgeous, stunning…

And I have to mention the Rabbi. Wow. We had a minstrel like, guitar playing, super cool Rabbi who spent time singing, toasting(with a 30 year old bottle of Crown Royal that Scot’s grandfather was given when Scot was born and he had saved it all these years- sniff sniff- oh I love my job!) and praying with the bridal party and family in private (moments before the ceremony) creating one of the most intimate and happy and awesome vibes I have ever witnessed before a wedding. There was no anxiety…just pure family bliss. I could go on and on…

We love them. We loved their wedding. We can’t wait for the next Tatelman Holiday 🙂

Check out Scot’s nonprofit org that helps benefit kids from East New York, Brooklyn and Camp P.O.W.E.R.

Here’s what Scot and Jacqueline had to say about choosing Riverside Farm for their wedding:

“As the wedding planning process began, it quickly became clear to us that although we lived in New York City – we did not want a New York City wedding! We decided on a farm wedding, and after googling “wedding barns” thousands of times , we miraculously stumbled upon what we believed was the perfect venue…and it was (and then some).
Because pictures don’t do a place like this justice, we took the beautiful 6 hour drive to see it for ourselves…and were blown away.  What complimented the breathtaking physical setting even more was the people of Riverside Farm.  As they walked us around, their genuine excitement about hosting our wedding was overwhelming – it was as if we were all in it together and collectively were going to make the event one to remember.
The actual event was truly dream-like. Whether it was having our closest friends comfortably stay on the farm with us, to having the option of an indoor or outdoor ceremony, to waking up with the Green Mountains in our window, Riverside truly gave us the whole package.  “This place is incredible…how did you find it!?” must have been asked hundreds of times throughout the weekend!
Our ultimate goal for our guests was that they could get away from their everyday lives, come to our wedding and leave feeling refreshed by the Vermont air, and like they’d gone on an incredibly memorable vacation.  The overwhelming amount of feedback that we’ve heard since the weekend is that this goal was accomplished!
The goal for us was to have an entire weekend that brought a totally different feel…and put us completely at ease.  Our only gripe is that we couldn’t stretch it out through the whole week!
Best decision we ever made…next to actually getting married!”

 How much do you love this picture?

All photos courtesy of Michael Riddell Photography
He is amazing… always a pleasure to see him at a wedding. He does such an incredible job…

Hopple Popple: Wedding/Event Coordiination: