Wondering What People Do All WInter?

It’s simple. They Snowmobile to
The Clear River Tavern!

Doug and baby Catherine share a pint:)
 (Doug is the local dog catcher, constable, bartender and all around good guy that takes care of the wedding guests as they belly up to the bar at “The Clear”). How many guys do you know that can pour a pint and while holding a baby? Hmmmm?

When the temperature and snow falls….you ride around on a snowmobile or a snow machine (as most locals call it). COOL! If you have never ridden one of these things, you shouldn’t lump it into the category of “weird country sports I’ll never do”…because it’s actually awesome and thrilling and hilarious. Especially when your riding around beautiful, empty, windy, backcountry trails and end up at The Clear River Tavern (1/8th of a mile from Riverside) and Doug pours you a icy cold Long Trail in a pint glass…. mmmmm. YUM. Say hello to owners Kim and Jason when you go too. If you’re smart, they will be throwing you a fabulous after-hours party there when your Riverside Farm wedding has ended. No- not with glow sticks and strobe lights…think more: a laid back Vermont bar = chill atmosphere of a hunter, biker, ski bum bar, great songs on an acoustic guitar, local beers and pub food served by friendly bartenders.Awesome.

The Clear River Tavern: http://www.clearriverinnvt.com/tavern.html

January 10, 2011

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